Building Isolation

Sound that is unpleasant to the human ear is known as noise, and ecologically speaking is a form of pollution that is becoming increasingly more widespread due to town and city development.

Most new buildings within cities are likely to be located within close proximity of a major source of noise and vibration, such as an underground tunnel, a railway line, a busy road or another internal source of noise and vibration. In order to protect a building or part of a building from the consequential structure-borne noise and vibration it may be necessary to support it using structural isolation bearings.


Damtec-Vibrafoam & Vibradyn

PURASYS vibrafoam SD is used for highly efficient vibration isolation and for protection against vibration, for example:-

  • for machine bearings,
  • for protecting buildings against vibration alongside railway lines,
  • for insulating building sections (e.g. air conditioning units, fitness centre floors, bowling alleys, hospital operating theatres, side isolation of a building),
  • for high-quality footfall sound isolation

The new features:

  • 13 types – they provide complete coverage over the static load range of 0.01 – 1.9 N/mm² and their data sheets
  • The colours to avoid mix-ups

The names:

  • SD (stands for spring / damper, these are the main properties of this PUR material)
  • The number stands for the relevant static load limit

Without appropriate measures, buildings, the people who live in them, machines and machine foundations or sensitive components are defenceless against vibrations from the immediate surroundings. Unwanted or impermissibly strong vibrations can also occur in buildings or industrial plant. Secondary airborne noise also increases, since structural elements such as ceilings or walls are also stimulated.

PURASYS offers effective protection against vibration and shock. PURASYS vibrafoam. This high-tech PUR elastomer can be placed as an isolating, area mat between the structural components, as cut sections matching the relative structural component geometry, and also as a tailor-made moulded part. We can offer you a wide program of 13 standard materials and the facilities for the production of special types in various colours and thicknesses according to your requirements.

Elastic bearings of buildings, whose foundations come into contact with groundwater, are particularly problematic and can only be realized with special elastomers. KRAIBURG PuraSys now offers an alternative to the few available products on the market from other manufacturers. PURASYS vibradyn was specifically developed for such high demands.

PURASYS vibradyn, the closed-cell PUR product for highly effective vibration isolation, can be used in application areas such as building isolation, including in groundwater – in a static load range from 0.075 – 1.5 N/mm². PURASYS vibradyn has nearly no damping effect, and functions like a technical spring. It is ideal for use in situations where vibration isolation is subject to stringent dynamic specifications.

Facilities for receptor and source isolation

In vibration technology, a difference is made between receptor and source isolation. As a basic principle measures may be carried out on the interference source (rail operations, industrial plant), for example through the use of mass-spring systems, ballast mats or using isolating machine foundations. Isolating of vibrations can also be achieved at the receptor (buildings next to the railway, precision machines in industrial operations), for example through the use of building suspension or specific isolation of certain areas or levels in the building, and through machine foundations. Source isolation is generally much more efficient but cannot always be carried out retrospectively. We can therefore offer you effective and economic solutions for vibration isolation at the receptor.

Benefits of vibration isolation

For Buildings: reliable vibration protection of the building or building section from external interference sources and their vibrations (also footfall sound isolation), increase of building market value, improve quality of life and work and future-proof solutions for the expected increasing demands on comfort

For machines: isolation against disruptive machine vibrations, higher precision performance, less wear, longer machine service life, better working conditions

For machines and industrial components: the benefits can be extensive: for example, units or components can run more quietly, can produce with less wear and, at the same time, can become more long-lasting and resistant against chemicals and oils. PURASYS vibrafoam can be useful as a high quality seal or as a structural component tolerance compensator with extremely high resilience.

Vibrafoam Datasheets


DB_vibrafoam_SD10.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD16.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD26.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD40.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD65.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD110.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD170.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD260.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD400.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD650.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD950.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD1300.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD1900.pdf

Vibradyn Datasheets


DB_vibradyn_S75.pdf   DB_vibradyn_S150.pdf   DB_vibradyn_S350.pdf   DB_vibradyn_S750.pdf   DB_vibradyn_S1500.pdf

Tabiasorber Vibration Isolation Material

Tabiasorber Vibration Isolation Material.pdf

EFFECTIVENESS: Manufactured from CR(NEOPRENE®)  particles and then compressed,  the Tabiasorber can be furnished into different versions depending on its use.

VERSATILITY: The TABIABSORBER can be furnished in two different versions depending on its use.

Under Screed Resilient Acoustic Layer

iNSpira IsoSlab HighLoad.PDF

iNSpira IsoSlab Soft.PDF

iNSpira ISO Slab is uniquely designed Recycled Rubber products made up of a Polyurethane bound mixture of selected rubber fibres for use under cementicious screeds. The high compressive strengths and anti vibration qualities enable both products to meet the requirements of Document E of the Building Regulations for both Acoustics and Vibration requirements.

iNSpira ISO Slab is a resilient elastic layer for use under Cementitious Screed. It has high Acoustic benefits for Impact and Airborne Noise. iNSpira ISO Slab Soft is used extensively in New Build and Refurbishment Construction Projects where Pre-completion Testing is preferred to Robust Detail.


Prior to the Installation of the flooring material, install a peripheral strip over all structural component which extend upwards or laterally such as walls, pipes etc. This is required to avoid formation of sound conduction channels and must extend upwards beyond the floor surface.


  • Outstanding Impact & Airborne Sound deadening in Residential and Commercial Floors.
  • EASY Installation
  • Loose Lay System which does not slip during installation
  • Meets and exceeds tough Acoustic Building Requirements
  • Document E Compliant
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity and ideal for use with Under-floor Heating systems
  • Outstanding Compressive Strength and Load Bearing Performance
  • High Resilience it does not compress and therefore does not reduce Sound Absorption
  • Environmentally Friendly – Fully Recycled Rubber

Structural Bearings

Structural Bearings.pdf


City centre construction sites are often complicated by having surface rail or underground railway tunnels close to proposed foundations and piles. New office complexes are frequently built directly over existing railway stations where heavy diesel, as well as underground trains pass or terminate. These essential services generate ground bourne vibration which enters buildings of conventional construction and can make the life of occupants intolerable.

The solution for new construction may be to design the building with elastomeric anti-vibration bearings incorporated into the foundations. This has been an accepted building practice since 1963 and many buildings have been isolated on elastomeric bearings of various types.

We offer both laminated natural rubber/steel plate bearings and fabric reinforced bearings. The former been designed to BS5400 and the latter to BS6177. These products have been developed and designed with technology and experience gained during 30 years of production.

The bearings are suitable for use in any buildings where there is a requirement for the structure to be isolated from a source of vibration.


General guidance relating tothe selection and use of elastomeric bearings for isolating buildings from vibration is published in BS6177:1982. It is recommended however, that the Inspired Noise Solutions are consulted for a bearing system proposal since applying the wrong bearing design can compound a vibration problem.

Life Expectancy

Elastomeric Bearings are made to a strict specification and quality control, thereby ensuring a maintainence free working life, generally comparable with the design life of the structure.


Please note that in some cases, side restraint will be required to ensure the stability of the structure. This can usually be provided by steel dowels which should always have a rubber dowel sleeve or some form of side restraint bearings incorporating sliding (PTFE) faces to account for vertical compression of the main bearings.

Fail safe devices are usually fabricated steel boxes or strip designs but concrete upstands can also be used. For in situ concrete structures a filler e.g Clayboard, polystyrene or other suitable filler material can be used to infill between bearings prior to casting. Alternatively a galvanised steel base plate with starter bars can be used as a permanent shutter on top of the groups of bearings.


INS ISOSheet is a medium density, closed cell structure foam material. Specifically designed for moderate vibration control, it offers a cost effective solution for applications such as machine tools, printing presses and grinders.

As the material is not subject to deterioration through water absorption and wicking, its natural frequency and isolation characteristics remain constant over time.

The natural frequency is dependent on the load and material specified, ranging from 12Hz to 50Hz.


  • Maintains natural frequency and performance over time
  • Natural frequency ranges from 12Hz to 50Hz
  • Cost effective moderate vibration control
  • Limits the transmission of higher frequency disturbances
  • Provides isolation from ambient and induced shock and vibration
  • Impervious to chemicals
  • Performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures and time
  • Available in range of thicknesses and sheet sizes
  • Quick and easy to install

Physical Information

Material composition: Medium density, closed cell structure foam

Standard sheet sizes

INS  05M 2.75m x 600mm x 12.5mm
INS 10M 2.75m x 600mm x 25mm
INS 20M 2.75m x 600mm x 50mm
INS 10H 2.75m x 600mm x 25mm
INS 20H 2.75m x 600mm x 50mm